College Classes: Spring 2017


Registration is open for Block 2 of the Spring semester at Heartland Christian College. Block 2 runs from March 13 thru May 3rd, 2017. Contact the registrar for details, 660-284-4800. The following courses will be offered: 

  • Mon./Wed. 8-10:40am… New Testament Studies, Creative Bible Teaching, Missions Practicum
  • Tues./Thurs. 8-10:40am… Intro to Missions, Life of Christ
  • Fri. 9am… Servanthood II & IV


New Testament Studies. A survey of the New Testament. This survey includes an overview of geography, historic and thematic elements, and the central message of each book.

Creative Bible Teaching. An introductory study to small group Bible teaching. Includes units on personal Bible study, lesson planning, and student engagement.

Missions Practicum. This course is a hands-on exploration of the mission field. Students experience both the administrative and ministry sides of such work as they help to plan and participate in a short-term mission trip. Students should consult the Director of Missions prior to enrolling in this course.

Introduction to Missions. This course is an introduction to the Church’s present day task of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. This course surveys world missions’ biblical and historical roots, along with an overview of current methods in Missiology. Emphasis is placed on each student developing a Christ-like love for the nations of the world.

The Life and Ministry of Christ. A study of the life, ministry, and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ as taken from the Gospel accounts.

Servanthood II. A course designed to build upon foundations laid in Servanthood I, it provides class instruction and practical application in service. Students serve in capacities and areas that challenge them to labor and sacrifice to bring strength to the family of God, and the surrounding communities.

Servanthood IV. A course designed to build upon foundations laid in Servanthood I, II, & III, it provides practical application of serving and reaching out to local communities. Students serve in capacities and areas that challenge them to labor and sacrifice to bring strength to the region in which they live.

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