Associates Degree


Degree Description

HCC offers a two-year Associate Degree in Biblical Studies with an area of concentration in Education, Missions, Worship Arts, or Interdisciplinary Studies. Graduating students must successfully pass and complete all requirements for a minimum of 64 credit hours.

Students graduating with an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies will:

  • Exhibit a general knowledge and basic understanding of the Bible
  • Utilize foundational academic skills
  • Employ critical thinking skills in order to solve problems
  • Explain their convictions regarding their faith in Christ, the inerrancy of His Word, and living with a biblical worldview
  • Demonstrate growth in spirituality, character, and service
  • Apply foundational biblical teaching in future decisions and lifestyle choices

Course Requirements

Biblical/Theological Studies – 27 hours
BI 100 Old Testament Survey (3)
BI 101 New Testament Survey (3)
BI 105 Bible Geography (3)
BI 106 Bible Research and Interpretation (3)
BI 201 The Life and Ministry of Christ (3)
BI 204 Ephesians (3)
BI 205 The Life and Ministry of Paul (3)
DT 100 Relational Theology (3)
DT 200 Survey of Bible Doctrines (3)

General Studies – 18 hours

HS 206 The Western Church in World History I (3)
HS 216 The Western Church in World History II (3)
LL 101 College Composition (3)
LL 201 Speech Communications (3)
MA101 Consumer Math* (3)
PS 101 Philosophy of Religion & a Biblical Worldview (3)

Professional Studies – 19 hours

CL 101 Servanthood I (1)
CL 111 Servanthood II (1)
CL 201 Servanthood III (1)
CL 211 Servanthood IV (1)
CL 100 Disciplines of Life (3)
Area of Concentration Electives (12)

*This class is required as a part of Fall semester enrollment for traditional students, whether a student is part-time or full-time.

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