Testimony: Joseph

The motto for Heartland Christian College (HCC) is “Prepare for Life!” When I attended HCC (Northeast Missouri Bible College at the time) I did not know what I was being prepared for. Initially I had planned to spend my life in full time ministry. For the first few years after graduation that is what I […]


Testimony: Chelsea

I came to Heartland Christian College because I knew that I knew God wanted me here. I knew from the first week of boot camp that God was going to do something huge in me that would change my perspective on life. At HCC, I learned how God views me, rather than just how I […]


Testimony: Hannah

I came to college to have a better relationship with God and to step outside of my box or my comfort zone. In the two years that I have been in college people around me have said that they see a change come about me and they love it. With the help of God and […]


Testimony: Savannah

Heartland Christian College is a place of growth. It is where I have built a firm foundation in Christ, and is where I am continuously being encouraged to dream big, because God is a big God! I came into the college doubting everything; from speaking, to writing papers, to being free in my worship to […]


Testimony: Jeremy

Drugs and alcohol. This was the very thing that I grew up seeing, so I went after the same things that the people around me were doing. I was the typical high school all star athlete and had a drug and alcohol addiction to go with it. Notice I said addiction and not sickness because […]


Testimony: Kaitlyn

Bible College is a place of growth through training and preparing for life. The reason I came to Heartland Christian College was for deep, strong roots so that my faith could stand against the growing storm of doubt, false dependency, and tolerance in our world today. Sure, I had other plans like any other senior […]