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At Heartland Christian College our desire is quite simple. We want to love God more today than we did yesterday. At the same time, we want to love one another the way that Jesus loves us. These are the foundations of life: loving God and loving each other. Because of this foundation, students at HCC do a lot of things together. They pray, read, study, worship, work, and become great friends.

The Bible College at Heartland is a discipleship program. Classes are more than just a place for academics. The goal of each class is for every student to know and love God more, and the teaching staff is determined to see every student succeed in doing just that. The discipleship training continues outside the classroom as students find their place in Heartland Community Church, and as they are employed and work beside people who are learning to do everything as unto the Lord.

It is important to know what God is saying for your next step. Take time to hear His voice and know Him better. The HCC two-year program will set you on a path to a successful future. Then when you hear His call, you will stand on a firm foundation as you step into a new adventure.

Kris R. Palmer

HCC President

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