HCC students are a diverse group of people covering a wide range of life-experiences. Some students come from Heartland Community Church or surrounding communities, while others come to school from a variety of states. The common bond between students is a desire to worship God, to be friends with one another, and to see the good news of Christ spread around the world. Being young disciples, traditional students live in the family atmosphere of residential housing and take part in many activities together. The goal of this emphasis on discipleship, family, and friendship, is that students would be prepared for their next step in life.

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Residential Living 

The early church met together daily, broke bread in their homes, and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, Acts 2:46. Residential life gives everyone a chance to practice some New Testament Christianity while learning to share the bathroom and adjust to a roommate’s habits. Sharing space can be a challenge, but most students say they treasure the memories made during these years.

Traditional single students are required to live in residential housing as they participate in the Bible College program. A student who feels that they have a special circumstance that should allow them to live in housing other than a HCC residential facility may apply for an exemption. Please contact the Dean of Students for details of the exemption process.

In an effort to practice the spiritual discipline of simplicity, residential living is designed to be simple and efficient. Storage space and room for personal items is limited. This helps to develop an attitude of personal excellence and brotherly preference. Please check the Residential Living Handbook for specific guidelines in this area.

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Meeting Schedule 

As a part of the process of discipleship, the following meetings and events are a part of life for HCC students. All traditional students are expected to attend these services at Heartland Community Church during regular College sessions.

– Sunday school and Sunday morning service

– Sunday evening service

– Wednesday night service

– HCC morning chapels

– Saturday night prayer

– Other special meetings as scheduled


HCC Chapel 

The psalmist said, “I will awaken the dawn,” Psalm 57:8, and we follow his example every weekday morning. You will discover a new depth of relationship with God through a lifestyle of daily prayer and devotional time. Chapel services throughout the week give us time to focus our hearts together toward God.


Church Services 

Once you arrive at HCC, the desire is that you would quickly learn how to love both the church you have come from and the church you are in. Although your hometown pastor remains an active and important voice in your life, you also find great blessing by giving your heart to the church where you live. Each time Heartland Community Church gathers, the HCC family seizes the opportunity to worship and hear God’s word together.


Christian Service

Serving is an integral part of the life of a disciple, and HCC strives to give students both understanding and practical experience in this area. All traditional students typically enroll in Servanthood courses the first four semesters they attend HCC, regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time students. All students seeking degree completion fulfill this requirement before graduation. The first two semesters, students have classroom time and serve in group service projects such as visiting nursing homes, veteran’s homes, clean-up projects, and church-related ministries. The second two semesters, small groups of students are assigned to a nearby town where they serve the people of that town on a weekly basis in a variety of ways as they discover needs. In addition to these courses, HCC students are called on often to serve in areas of the church and Heartland community.


Missions Opportunities 

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one short-term missions trip during their school experience, and those in the Missions area of concentration are required to do so. Please check with the HCC Office for details on upcoming trips.


Emergency Preparedness Plan

Click below to access HCC’s Emergency Preparedness Plan.

HCC Emergency Preparedness Plan